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How to master acupuncture method for beginners

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1. Needle size and acupuncture position
When buying acupuncture needles, you should see the specifications of the needles. 0.25 refers to the diameter and 25 refers to the length. The thicker the needle, the better it is for beginners, but it is relatively painful. The thinner the needle is less painful, and the finer the needle is the better for air conditioning, but relatively speaking, the requirements for the operator are also higher. Clinically, 0.25 needles are generally used, the thickness is more appropriate, and it is not that painful. It doesn't matter if you just learned that you can use 0.30 or even 0.35. You can slowly find the thickness of the needle you are more accustomed to. After selecting the needle specifications, we must consider the acupuncture position. The more commonly used positions are: supine position, lateral position, prone position, and sitting position. The posture is actually not that complicated. Everyone knows two requirements. The first is to be comfortable for the person being pierced, and the second is to facilitate the operation. The supine position is generally used more.
2. Sterilization of needles
Another important step in acupuncture is disinfection. Disinfection includes several points. The first is the disinfection of needles. Now everyone uses disposables. During the shelf life, the needles are in a sterile state. Second, be sure to use 75% alcohol or iodophor before acupuncture. Iodophor is relatively less irritating to the skin than alcohol, but it is a little yellow after applying it, which may affect the appearance.
3. Insert the needle
Then after disinfection, you can start to talk about the needle-in technique. There are two needle insertion methods, one is the one-hand needle insertion method, and the other is the tube needle insertion method. For the angle of needle insertion, we use straight puncture for most acupuncture points, and there are also oblique puncture methods such as 30°, 45°, and 60°. Then everyone is more concerned about the depth of needle penetration. When it comes to a specific acupuncture point, we will specifically talk about how deep the acupuncture point should be. Then you need to deepen the details, just to be mad, and you can feel it after you have it.
At the same time, if the person who is piercing the needle feels this way, the person who is pierced will have obvious feelings of soreness, numbness, swelling, and swelling on the acupoints. This is what we call deqi.
Generally speaking, the first acid and the third swelling, these two sensations are generally produced by the needle stimulating the muscle. Anesthesia usually occurs when it touches a nerve, and the sensation produced by the nerve. Swelling is generally the sensation produced by sticking to the surface of the bone and stimulating the periosteum.