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What are the methods of acupuncture needle insertion

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   What are the methods for inserting acupuncture needles? Let's take a look at what the relevant people say.
   1. Twisting method: This is the commonly used method of needle insertion for milli-needle. The doctor uses the thumb, index finger and middle finger of the right hand to hold the needle handle of the needle, align the needle tip to the acupuncture point, first touch the skin lightly, then apply a little pressure to let the needle tip penetrate into the epidermis, and then twist the needle body with the fingers to make it gradually Go deep.
   2. Point needling method: This is the application method of the three-sided needle. The doctor quickly pricks the selected acupuncture points with a triangular needle in his right hand, and pierces it for half a minute to one minute to achieve bleeding or mucus.
   3. Tube needle penetration method: This is also a needle penetration method of milli-needle. When operating, first put the microneedle into a special metal tube, place it on the acupuncture point and hold it firmly with the left hand; then use the index finger of your right hand to tap the needle handle exposed outside the tube to make the needle tip quickly penetrate into the acupuncture point; after pulling out the tube cover Twist again
   4. Entering method: This method can reduce the patient's fear and pain during acupuncture.