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How much do you know about nine stitches

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There are many types of acupuncture needles, nine needles is one of them, but how much do you know about these nine needles? If you are not sure, let's take a look at what the relevant people say.
  Nine needles out of the "Inner Classic". "Lingshu·Nine Needles Twelve Originals", "Lingshu·Nine Needles", "Lingshu·Official Needles" and other chapters are described, detailing the classification, name, shape, length, and scope of application of the nine needles. "Lingshu·Official Needle": "Nine needles are suitable, each has its own role, length and size, each has its own effect." Among them, round needles and bolt needles are used for body surface pressing; beryllium needles are used for incision and drainage; the rest are used for acupuncture or pricking blood in different parts.
  In addition, the "nine needles" in the "Nei Jing" not only refer to the nine specific needles, but are also used for general needles, or acupuncture therapy, or needle tracts. For example, "Lingshu·Waiyi": "If the husband has nine needles, the small one has no inside, the big one has no outside, deep cannot be lower, high cannot be covered, trance infinite, overflowing with boundlessness, I know it is in harmony with heaven, Personnel and the changes in the four times are also, but I wish that there are mixed hairs and bundles into one, but Qi Bo said: It is clear to ask, not a single needle, and a husband governs the country." Here, "nine needles" are true. Refers to the "needle path".
  The fourth volume of "Acupuncture and Moxibustion Juying" contains the "Huiyang Nine Needle Songs": "Yongmen Lao Gong Sanyinjiao, Yongquan Taixi Zhongwan connection, hop around Sanli Hegu merge, this is Huiyang Nine Needle Point." The nine acupoints are precious in the name of the "nine needles" that represent acupuncture therapy. "The Secret Legend of Moxibustion · Fanrui": "The ancient sage used nine needles, which has been lost for a long time. Not only are the users of puppets not only familiar with acupuncture, but also unfamiliar with "Mingtang", as well as moxibustion. "Here" "Nine needles" is also called the needle path.
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