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Three methods for acupuncture beginners to practice acupuncture

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1. Master the correct needle holding method
Real-needle practice should start with the correct needle holding. There are two-finger holding acupuncture method, three-finger holding acupuncture method, four-finger holding acupuncture method, needle-holding method, double-hand holding acupuncture method, etc. The practitioner can choose the appropriate method according to the length of the needle. Among them, the three-finger holding acupuncture method is commonly used in clinical practice. The method is to pinch the handle of the needle at the end of the thumb, food, and middle fingers. No matter which method you choose, you should pay attention to the posture of the needle should be stable and not tight, and the end of the needle body should be kept straight and firm to avoid stagnation or lack of finger strength when using the needle.
2. Virtual exercises
Hold the needle in the air up and down, left and right, forward and backward directions, horizontally, obliquely, and straight forward and backward repeatedly to exercise the flexibility of the wrist and the speed of the needle in several directions.
3. Physical exercises
Hold the needle so that the needle tip is perpendicular to the simulant, hang the wrist without support; twist the needle handle alternately with the thumb, index and middle finger back and forth, requiring a uniform twist angle and the needle body not swinging from side to side; then gradually apply a certain pressure . Repeat this practice until the needle body can penetrate the simulant vertically, the needle body does not bend or swing, and the depth of advance and retreat is free, indicating that the finger strength is sufficient, and the next acupuncture technique can be practiced.