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Common sense of using long needles of common types of acupuncture needles

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There are many types of acupuncture needles on the market, and long needles are one of them. However, in the process of using this type of needle, there are several common senses that need to be known: 1. Operation method: Perform deep puncture on the acupoints of the meridians and collaterals and apply certain techniques to clear the stasis of the deep tissues. "Lingshu·Nine Needles Twelve Originals": "You can take far arthralgia", "Lingshu·Nine Needles Theory": "Eight wind hurts people, and the inner house rests between the bones and the lumbar spine. Therefore, for the treatment of acupuncture, the body must be thin, and the front and the end will be able to take away the deep evil and far-reaching paralysis. 2. Scope of application: Deep puncture to the diseased place, mainly treating the deep meridians and the numbness of the evil qi. "Lingshu·Nine Needles Theory": "It can take deep evil and far paralysis." Three, matters needing attention 1. The long needle is a needle for deep needling to treat Shenxieyuanbi. This needle is not suitable for diseases where the pathogen is in the superficial part. 2. When using long needles to treat diseases, avoid direct contact with the needle body with your fingers, and indirect contact with the needle body with sterile dry cotton balls to prevent contamination of the needle. PS: This article comes from the Internet and is for reference only!