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The tapping method of plum blossom needle usage

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Plum-blossom needles are a relatively common type of acupuncture needles, and the main method of use of this type of needle is the tapping method. According to relevant sources, this type of tapping method is mainly divided into the following two types:
  1. Pressing method: the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger hold the needle handle, the end of the needle handle is leaned against the back of the palm, and the index finger is pressed on the needle handle. When pressing, the wrist moves and the index finger pressurizes. The intensity of stimulation lies in the pressure of the index finger, which is suitable for hard-handled needles.
  2. Percussion method: pinch the end of the needle handle with your thumb and index finger, vibrate the needle up and down, and tap the skin with the elasticity of the needle handle. The severity of stimulation should be controlled by the weight of the needle and the elasticity of the needle handle. Suitable for elastic needle handles.
  Note: The tapping position must be accurate, and the distance between each tapping needle is about 0.3-1.0cm. Generally, percussion is performed once a day, and continuous treatment for 7-10 days is a course of treatment. For chronic intractable diseases, several treatment courses can be continued, and there can be 3-5 days between treatment courses. The pricking and cupping method is particularly effective in treating various pains. When pricking and cupping is used, the area of bleeding from acupuncture skin should be equal to or slightly larger than the caliber of the cupping. The amount of bleeding must be appropriate. The total amount should not exceed 10ml for adults each time. should.
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