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Common Types of Acupuncture Needles

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Triangular needle is one of many types of acupuncture needles, and its main methods are as follows:
  ①Puncturing method: A method in which a needle is quickly inserted into the body surface and then the needle is withdrawn. It is mostly used for acupoints at the ends of the fingers and toes. Before acupuncture, the triangular needle and the acupuncture site should be strictly disinfected, and the acupuncture site should be pushed left and right to make the local congestion. Then hold the needle in your right hand, hold the needle handle with your thumb and forefinger, with your middle finger close to the lower end of the needle body, bare the tip of the needle, and pierce the puncture site quickly to a depth of 1 to 2 minutes, then quickly withdraw the needle, causing it to bleed naturally or lightly. Squeeze around the pinhole to facilitate bleeding, and then press the pinhole with a sterile cotton ball.
  ②Scattering method: a method of multi-point prick around the lesion. According to the size of the lesion, 10 to 20 needles can be pierced from the outer edge of the lesion to the center. The depth of acupuncture depends on the thickness of the local muscles and the depth of blood vessels. This method can also be combined with cupping therapy. Generally, after this method is applied, cupping is performed locally to increase the amount of bleeding.
  ③Pricking method: A method of piercing the skin of the treatment site with a triangular needle, and then picking off the fascial fibers. Before needle picking, press the two sides of the surgical site with your left hand to fix the skin, hold the needle in your right hand, pick the epidermis of the acupoints or reaction points and penetrate deep into the skin. Tilt the needle body and lift it gently to break some fibers. The tissue is then locally disinfected and covered with a dressing.