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Precautions when using fire needle

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There are many types of acupuncture needles, fire needle is one of them, and when it is used, the following points should be noted:
1. Be cautious when applying fire needle on face. "Acupuncture Dacheng·Fire Needle" says: "Fire needles are available everywhere in the human body, but avoid them on the face." Because fire needles may leave small scars, it is in addition to treating small areas of vitiligo, moles and flat warts on the face. , Generally do not use fire needles on the face.
2. Fire needles are also not suitable for the distribution of blood vessels and main nerves.
3. After acupuncture, if the local redness or redness does not disappear completely, bathing should be avoided to prevent infection.
4. Fire needles should not be used for fever.
5. Partial itching after acupuncture, do not scratch with your hands to prevent infection.
6. Needle hole treatment: If acupuncture is 1-3 minutes deep, no special treatment is required. If acupuncture is 4-5 minutes deep, apply sterile gauze after acupuncture and fix it with tape for 1-2 days to prevent infection.
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