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Beginners must know the depth of acupuncture needles

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  How do we determine the depth of the needle? For example, if we want to make water now, where the water is deep, if the needle is very shallow, it will be useless. You must go deep, but don't go too far. It takes about one and a half inches to penetrate from Yinling Spring to Yangling Spring with a single needle.
  Seeing that the patient's leg edema is very large, I use a three-inch needle to get basic common sense. Children’s legs are very small, so one inch of needle is enough. Therefore, sometimes it depends on the size of the feet to determine the depth. Sometimes the feet are thick. An inch and a half of your foot is very deep for you, but it is still on the surface for him, so the treatment of edema will not be effective. So we have to look at the depth, and it must be deep enough to reach the position of the water. If it is a disease on the skin surface, the needle should not be lowered too deeply, and must be lowered on the skin surface. If the disease is in the middle, go to the middle. So our depth is determined according to the needs of the patient. This is the initial concept.
  The second is that when treating a disease, the patient is a bone problem, and we have to lower the needle very deep, down to the bone. This is the same concept. If it is a problem with internal organs, to treat liver disease and asthma, it is also necessary to have deep needles, because the viscera is a collection! It is out of sight. Nafu is catharsis, so the gastrointestinal system does not need to be deep. This is a general concept of depth.