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How to choose acupuncture needles for beginners

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  Acupuncture needles are divided into two types: ring handle and flat handle. The ring handle is the Chinese needle we usually talk about. The flat handle is Korean needle. Our Chinese needles are silver-plated needles, copper handle needles, and steel handle needles. Needle with nickel-plated handle, needle with aluminum wire handle, needle with plastic handle, fully gold-plated needle, fully silver-plated needle, steel tube needle, copper tube needle, aluminum tube handle needle.
  According to national standards, reusable acupuncture needles should be called non-sterile acupuncture needles, and disposable acupuncture needles are called sterilized acupuncture needles. The hardness and elasticity of the needle body of reused acupuncture needles is slightly higher than that of single-use acupuncture needles, but reusable acupuncture needles must be disinfected again before the next use after the first use.
  When beginners choose acupuncture needles, they must first choose a fully qualified and quality certified manufacturer and brand. Secondly, they must choose acupuncture needles that look smooth, clean and clean. Thirdly, they must choose technology that can reduce needle tingling. acupuncture.
  After reading the introduction of the editor, I believe that you have learned how to choose acupuncture needles, hurry up and choose an acupuncture needle exercise that suits you!