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Fire needle method and taboo

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Fire needles are one of many types of acupuncture needles. According to relevant sources, the main methods of using this type of acupuncture needles are:
①Choose 22-28 gauge stainless steel needle, and the needle handle is wrapped with cloth, so it is better not to conduct heat. During the operation, disinfect the affected area and its surroundings with iodine and alcohol, and then use 2%-10% procaine (0.2% epinephrine hydrochloride can be mixed to prevent bleeding) for infiltration anesthesia. After about 2 minutes, the The needle burns red on the alcohol lamp, fix the affected part with the left hand, and hold the needle with the right. Quickly pierce the affected area or its surroundings, and then immediately remove the needle.
②The depth of acupuncture depends on the type of ulcer and the depth of the lesion. The number of needles each time depends on the size of the local area of the lesion, usually 1-3 needles.
③The interval between acupuncture and acupuncture is appropriate once 1-2 weeks.
Note that before performing acupuncture, there are several taboos that need to be known:
① Fire needle stimulation is strong, and it is forbidden for pregnant women and the elderly and infirm.
② It is not suitable for people with fiery syndrome and local swelling.
③ High blood pressure, heart disease, malignant tumors, etc. are prohibited.