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Product structure introduction of acupuncture needles

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I believe that many people don't know much about the product structure of acupuncture needles. Let the relevant people give you a brief introduction.
   Modern acupuncture needles, mainly composed of needles and racket tubes, are characterized in that a ratchet tooth is punched above the racket tube. Only the top or bottom edge of the ratchet tooth is still connected to the tube wall, and the other sides are separated from the tube wall and facing The inside of the tube is tilted, so that the inner diameter of the racket tube is partially reduced, so that the needle handle can be clamped and the needle is fixed in the racket tube.
   In addition, the surface of the racket tube is painted with color codes, and different color codes are used to indicate different specifications of acupuncture needles, so as to give the doctor a clear and readable visual signal, so that the acupuncture needles can be taken out of the packaging box or sterile bag, or When many acupuncture needles of different specifications are mixed together, the specifications of the acupuncture needles can be easily distinguished by the color code on the tube to avoid errors.