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Several things to pay attention to when using acupuncture needles

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   Generally, when using acupuncture needles, there are several things that need attention:
   1. Acupuncture is not suitable for people who are too tired, mentally stressed, or hungry; acupuncture for the elderly and infirm should try to take the lying position, take fewer points and use light techniques.
   2. Acupuncture for pregnant women should not be too strong. Acupuncture and moxibustion are not allowed on the abdomen, lumbosacral area and acupoints that can cause uterine contractions such as Hegu, Sanyinjiao, Kunlun, and Zhiyin
   3. Children generally do not leave needles because they do not cooperate. Needles are prohibited for infants and young children at the fontanelle, Fengfu and Yamen acupoints.
   4. Acupuncture is not suitable for patients with hemorrhagic diseases, or who often have spontaneous bleeding, who is not easy to stop bleeding after injury.
   5. Skin infections, ulcers, scars and tumors should not be acupuncture.
   6. Eye area, chest and back, kidney area, nape area, stomach ulcer, intestinal adhesions, intestinal obstruction patients' abdomen, urinary retention patient's pubic symphysis area should master the depth and angle of acupuncture, ban straight needling to prevent accidental injury to important organs Device.