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Acupuncture needle manufacturers introduce the use and precautions of needles

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  A related person from acupuncture needle manufacturers said that there are many types of needles on the market, and different needles have different methods of use. So, how do they use them?
  ①The chán needle is used for shallow needling, which is intended to dispel evil without hurting the righteousness; ②The round needle is mainly used to massage acupoints, mainly to reduce the evil between the muscles and the flesh, and not to hurt the muscle; ③The chán needle is used for pressing, which has the effect of removing evil; ④The sharp needle is used for pricking blood, which has the effect of venting toxins and treating carbuncle; ⑤Beryllium needle is used for carbuncle and pus; ⑥Ruan sharp needle is used for acute puncture, mainly treating pain and violent qi; ⑦Fix needle is mainly used for treating carbuncle caused by evil guest meridian yōng gangrene jū; ⑧Long needles are used to deeply puncture the hypertrophy of the muscles, mainly treating deep evil qi, and irritable arthritis; ⑨Large needles are mainly used to drain the stagnant joints.
  In addition, to know that these needles are in use, there are several things that need to be paid attention to:
  When using needles, attention should be paid to disinfection. All items that are in direct contact with the needles, such as gauze, cotton, tweezers or needle-concealing devices, especially the needles themselves, should be strictly disinfected. Generally use boiling or high temperature disinfection. The needles and tweezers can be soaked in 75% alcohol, and can be used after soaking for 20-30 minutes. Disposable needles can be discarded without disinfection after use.
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