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Five Techniques of Flying Needle in Acupuncture

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1. To practice flying needle, you must first exercise your wrist strength and finger strength. This is the basis for learning flying needle well.
2. How to exercise wrist strength and finger strength, we can practice finger-ups, that is, open the ten fingers and use the power of the ten fingers to complete the push-ups. Generally, two sets are completed every day, and a set of 40 is almost the same. It requires continuous exercise and persistence. This For beginners, it is necessary to proceed step by step, not to be fat in one go.
3. The flying needle insertion technique is actually two words-fast and accurate. Fast means that the needle should be inserted quickly without any pause. And fast skills require hand coordination. Accuracy means to pierce the acupuncture points accurately. Just imagine if you get a good needle, what's the point of not getting the acupuncture accurately.
4. The flying needle holds the needle with the thumb in front, the index and middle finger behind, and the three fingers hold the needle handle. When the needle is inserted, the index and the middle point of the needle are ejected, so that the needle has a rotating power, and at the same time, the wrist has a downward explosive force , Only the combination of the two forces can make the needle fly into the skin without being blocked.
5. It should be noted that the general needle insertion needs to be perpendicular to the skin, which is the same as the key to the general needle insertion technique-the strong one is the treasure. But you can't stick to this. If some acupuncture points need to be punctured obliquely, the angle of the flying needle can also be adjusted appropriately.