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Acupuncture needle manufacturers introduce the operation method of plum blossom needle

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According to acupuncture needle manufacturers, there are many ways to use acupuncture needles. Plum-blossom needles are one of them. The main operating methods are:
Do not hold the needle too tightly or too loosely. Too tight will make the wrist muscles tense and affect flexible movement; too loose will cause the needle body to swing from side to side and easily cause bleeding. The correct method of holding the needle is: hold the needle handle in your right hand, use the ring finger and little finger to fix the end of the needle handle at the small thenar of your palm, and the end of the needle handle exposes the palm of your hand for l~1.5 cm, then hold the needle handle with your middle finger and thumb, and press it with your index finger. In the middle of the needle handle. This can fully and flexibly use the elasticity of the wrist.
Manipulation: The method of plum-blossom needle requires the use of wrist jabbing. When pricking, the needle should be dropped steadily, and the needle tip should be in vertical contact with the skin; the needle should be lifted quickly, making a short, crisp "knocking" sound. The force of this percussion is the elasticity of the wrist. When stab, it must be pierced, flat stab, not slow stab, pressure stab, oblique stab and drag stab. The frequency should not be too fast or too slow, generally 70-90 taps per minute. There are three types of stimulus intensity:
Light: Wrist strength is light, and impulse is also small; tapping to the extent that the skin is slightly flushed.
Heavy: The wrist is strong and the impulse is great; the skin is obviously red when tapped, and there may be slight bleeding.
Medium: between light and heavy; percussion to the extent of local flushing and papules, but no bleeding.