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Acupuncture needle manufacturers tell about the operation method

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Xie needles are one of the many types of acupuncture needles. According to relevant persons, the operation methods of this type of needles are mainly:
Press the Xie needle on the surface of the meridians and acupuncture points, without piercing the skin, in order to get qi. Can also instruct patients to use it by themselves. The severity of the needle pressing can be divided into two categories: strength and weakness:
1. Weak irritation: gently press the needle on the meridian points, and when the local skin is flushed or the symptoms are relieved, slowly lift the needle, and then rub the needle slightly.
2. Strong stimulation: Press the needles heavily on the meridians and acupoints. The movements should be fast. When the patient feels the pain or soreness spreads upwards and downwards, the needles are quickly lifted.
3. Point selection and course of treatment: Acupuncture points can be selected according to the principle of syndrome differentiation, meridian-based, or "Tong Pain as Shu" principle, alone or in combination. Generally 10 times as a course of treatment.
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